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One of the World's Largest* Achievements
For business use of Metaverse, cluster

The world's largest number

of corporate events held*

Over a total of 35 million
event participants

Mobile, PC, VR

*According to our research

What is Cluster?


"Cluster" is a metaverse platform where you can gather and join events in the virtual space and enjoy various content with friends from a mobile, PC, and VR device.

Cluster is a safe and secure service that has the No.1 track record in utilizing the metaverse for corporations, and is used by major IP holders, government and municipal offices, consumer manufacturers, the entertainment industry, and other industries for their various purposes. We provide all necessary services essential for utilizing the metaverse, including the production of original venues, avatars, and on-stage performances, high-precision motion recording, planning, production, streaming studio, analysis, and more.

What You Can Do In Cluster

It is possible to utilize the virtual space fit to your needs.
Some examples are listed below. Please feel free to contact us.

Reproduce Your Office
Hold In-House Events

Recruitment Seminars




Fan Events


Reproduce a Tourist
Destination or City

Strengths of Cluster

No. 1 Corporate Track Record

No Maintenance Fee

E-commerce Supported

Multi-device Compatible

A track record of supporting over 200 companies and hosting over 10 thousand corporate metaverse events annually. *According to our research

After the initial production, there are no monthly fees or management fees necessary, making this service easy to use on a trial basis.

Market your own products in the metaverse space. Other than e-commerce, monetization is possible through selling goods, tipping, paid tickets and secondary use of a space.

Mobile, PC, and VR devices
This make it easy for anyone to start.

Examples of Use

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The Pokémon Company


Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project

Created "Pokémon Virtual Fest," an unfinished amusement park in a virtual world under the theme of "Summer Memories Created by Everyone." Various events were held, including public viewing of Pokémon battles in "Pokémon Sword" and "Pokémon Shield" and a Pikachu dance show.

Held "Virtual Hamasuta ver. 2", an event that allows users to enjoy watching games and cheering on the players in a virtual recreation of Yokohama Stadium from the comfort of their own home. New additions included stage effects for the games and merchandising functions.

Held "Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Fest," one of the world's largest virtual festivals. Various events including live music and talk shows were held, and approximately 400,000 people attended throughout the six days.


Kao Corporation

Twelve Japanese Automobile Companies

Dozle Corp.

"ALLIE BEAUTY UP ISLAND - An Island of Beauty for Everyone - ", the world's first* permanent metaverse space by a cosmetics brand, is now open to the public.
As a common global platform (available in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese), this space offers beauty experiences in various locations around the world.
*According to our own research

Focusing on the "Creation" experience that is a characteristic of Cluster's metaverse, the "Mobility Craft" = "the experience of building a car" in a virtual space, provided an opportunity for children and young people to become interested in cars through experiencing the excitement of making things.

A new type of collaboration between Japan's first metaverse e-commerce and video game streamers. By implementing new e-commerce functions, and by utilizing the advantages of metaverse, such as the sale of goods available only in the virtual space and talk shows by Dozle members, Cluster hosted events and pop stores that "anyone, from anywhere" can access.

Please contact us if you would like to know about other cases.


Q. How long does it take from planning to implementation?

A. The production of an original space will take 3-4 months. Please contact us as soon as possible, well in advance of your desired deadline. We have preset spaces available for immediate use for those with a closer deadline.

Q. I am interested in the metaverse but am unsure how to utilize it.

A. More than 90% of our inquiries are from companies with this same concern. We offer proposals tailored to each company's situation, followed by analysis and follow-up. Please feel free to contact us.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Fees start at 1 million yen and above. Since it varies greatly depending on the content of the production, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

We can plan according to your desired budget.
Please feel free to contact us.

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